Clutch on the way out?


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Jan 11, 2007
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Had this a couple of times now, when pulling away at a sharpish rate, I start off with tons of wheel spin in first gear (unintentional, normally pull off fine still giving it some), so I stick it into 2nd but its like the clutch dosnt bite properly or somthing and the car just revs up as if it was in neutral for 1-2 seconds before it seems to engage again. Then into third it seems fine.

I think there was a slight smell of what could be clutch burning today but it may have been my girlfriends onion flavour monster much crisps :p

Only happens occasionally and most of the time gear changes are fine. Seems to happen when I start of with a lot of revs in first. The worst time I happened I was pulling off to bomb it down a road and going from first to 2nd the gear didnt engage at all, bounced off the rev limiter a couple of times and I had to stick the hazzards on and pull over for a couple of minutes - I thought I had lost it completly, but stuck it into first again and pulled off "nicely" and it was fine - made me wonder if its some weird engine management type thing trying to stop me pull off at high revs or if the clucth is just fecked.

Any thoughts on what's going on? Car's done 40k miles, 3k with me in it :p

Any ideas on how much a replacement clutch will be if it is on the way out?

Thanks for any suggestions :)
Possibly an upgrade due to upping the power through future mods. All depends on price though tbh, kinda screwed for money at the moment. I take it you might have somthing then? ;) Drop me a PM if you do, should probably sort it before it does go.

Worried as I burnt out my clutch and disintegrasted the fly wheel on my last car.
I've found out what makes this happen every time now.

Say I am comming up to a round about slowing right down to the point where its not worth chaning into first about 10mph, but needs a lot more revs to keep in 2nd. As I pull out with the higher revs this is when the cluch goes weird and the revs shoot up but dont seem to engage the engine properly. after a few seconds it seems to "catch" and carrys on as normal. followed by the smell of a burning clutch.

Same happens if I slow to say 15 but keep it in 3rd with the higher revs

And if I pull of in 1st with high revs. Basically seems to be if I hold the clutch half way while changing gear for too long - you know what I mean! the point where if you just let the clutch out straight away you would be close to stalling it so you wait for more power to be transfered first.

Its not just driving stupidly though either as it does it in traffic when you have to hold the clutch half way up in 1st to slowly climb a hill to follow a certain speed in heavy traffic.

My questions are, is this normal for these cars? Will the burning smell eventually kill my clutch? Is there anything that I can do other than buy a new clutch, ie is anything else causing this?