Clutch on the S4


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Hi all,

clutch died on my S4 last night, completely gone. Having a real nightmare trying to source one from anywhere other than audi, and their labour charges are slightly astronomical to say the least at £700.

Has anyone come across a clutch going on an S4 before and if so where did you get it sorted?

cheers for any help


Shuddup Foooool!!
Ive used an old Mr Clutch down my way - called "big Jons" now, he's done most of my clutches on most my cars too.

Being as you are in Jeordy land, I reckon you could try some clutch centers, bet you'd save a killing over the Stealers!!!!
£700 just for the labour?!?


Shuddup Foooool!!
DO they just drop the engine slightly or is it an engine out job...?

Suppose taking an Engine out of an S4 would be like an Autopsy!


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mine's on its way out so I pm'd awesome gti for a price, this is what they came back with (copy and pasted)

Thank you for that
I have called the dealers
The clutch plate is £86.11 + VAT
The pressure plate is £86.20 + VAT
The release bearing is £26.28 + VAT
Fitting would be £396 + VAT
So that is a total of £683.78 fitted including VAT]

Its a fair bit cheaper than the stealers, and also not too far from yourself.