****** clutch is on its way out!


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Sep 19, 2005
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what are my cheapest options?
still on OEM DMFW, seems fine, happy to stick with that or look at cheap OEM replacements
its a 1.8tqs

I'm running a flywheel from a 2.0 Audi 80, redrilled to take the pressure plate from a Audi S2 (3b engine) (or VW LT Van with one particular engine), and a clutch plate from an S4 V8.

If you can find a complete clutch kit for a 3B engined Audi S2 then that will work, but i couldnt find those anywhere, hence my random combination of parts.

Rough costs were £30 for the flywheel itself, used from ebay, £100 to have it redrilled, £60 for the clutch plate, again ebay, and £80ish for a Sachs pressure plate.

End result being a 240mm clutch and a solid flywheel for barely any more than a new DMF costs you!


GENUINE AUDI A4 S4 A6 2.7 4.2 3.0 6 SPEED 240MM CLUTCH DISC PLATE 059 141 031 P | eBay

will probably work as the clutch disk, i think i'm using the second one, but they all seem to be the same size and fitment, i believe Marks using one like the first one.

Pressure plate is a little trickier to find, first time i found a complete clutch kit from a VW LT 2.8TDI for 50quid, and just used the pressure plate (its the same as the S2 one). Second time round i bought a new pressure plate from All German Parts. Worst case you can buy the cover from VW dealer.
The cover from the lt van was around £100 from tps for a recon unit as was the friction disc but i got them both off ebay at the time of partsdepot for £60 each iirc. Good setup aswell as i got the fly for £45 delivered and machining was £100 so setup was under £300

Oh and if you find a flywheel on ebay get them to send you the bolts as well as you will need the shorter ones.
i got my last two by posting on S2 forums, first one came from ebay just emailing everyone that had a 4 cylinder audi 80 petrol or diesel breaking and asking for the flywheel.
how shagged is the pressure plate likely to be?
could I re-use it?
Its a stage 3 SouthBend that is in there at the moment, going back to stock spring plate might be a shock!
well it depends what route you take and whats wrong with it.

You cant use your existing plate along with the aforementioned 240mm clutches, they're completely different.

If the existing clutch has failed due to oil contamination (as the one on my avant had) then a new friction disk is probably all you need, as well as fixing the oil leak ofcourse. The flywheel and cover can be cleaned up etc.

If its just worn out, then i wouldnt think its a great idea trying to reuse any bits of it.

As for going back to stock spring plate, the parts mentioned above will give a much heavier pedal than a stock 1.8T clutch, so theres probably nothing to worry about there.
where did the oil come from on yours?
Spline shaft seal?

was that a ball ache?

suspect it is just worn TBH, its not slipping, just have almost no bite point or pedal travel
Oil came from both the input shaft seal and the rear crank seal i think. Gearbox one was definately leaking, and the rear crank seal didnt look fantastic either.

Both are easy to change though.

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