Clutch bleeding


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I'm wondering if anyone has replaced the fluid in the clutch without using a pressure bleeding system? I'm planning on using a non-return valve on a pipe attached to the bleed nipple and trying it that way. Is there any reason why this wouldn't work, or is there a better way without buying a pressure kit?

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I bled my whole clutch system without a pressure bleeding system, and mine is fine.

Pump the pedal loads, foot flat to the floor, release the pressure out of the bleed nipple, you need to do this several times to ensure all air is removed.
Put a pipe on the nipple though, there is a lot of pressure, and it will spray every otherwise.


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I'm leaning towards using one of those Draper things with the non-return valve in the pipe. I've heard that the Gunson can be messy if it doesn't seal properly and I really don't need the drama of a brake fluid car wash at the moment:)