Clutch Bleed nipple


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Hello. Can anyone tell me where the clutch bleed nipple is and whats the best way to access is. Thanks :crying:
I have 2000 S3, on that you look down by the left hand side of the battery, there is a small black plastic/rubber cap. take that off and the bleed nipple is just under that. it is just next to the gear change mechanism, towards the front.


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As Ross has just said, look on top of the gearbox between the battery and the head, you'll see the hydraulic pipe (looks like a brake line) come in from the right. Close to this is a bleed nipple, usually with a rubber cap on it.


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Ahh my pedal bites quite low, and always has done, (for the last year) would this make it move up a bit??


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Not sure on that? Someone else may know. If you had air in your clutch line your clutch pedal would feel spongy. Won't do any harm to bleed it anyway.


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Small red cap is where the nipple is.
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Its dead easy to do, you can do it with everythin in place its just awkward.

Taking the airbox gives more access though