clutch and flywheel kit options.....

jonathan english

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Dec 8, 2014
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hi guys my clutch has been slipping now for a couple of months and I have been looking at the options I have! A garage near me will fit it for £200 which is fine but I cant work out what to get! The dyno for my car says its at 260bhp and running 274 nm torque I'm looking at going to stage 2 by the end of the year I have in my mind 3 options:

1: Get a cheap performance kit off ebay around the £400-500 mk for the lot

2: A standard luk or Sachs clutch and flywheel. Again £500 ish

3: Ttv racing lightened flywheel and Sachs performance clutch kit at £850

are there any other options? What would you recommend? Awesome gti recommended a helix clutch kit which was £825 so my dilema stands! Thanks for your help guys! Jon
Most go for the 6 paddle clutch off Badger5 (Sach possibly) and standard flywheel,
Myself, Jardo and a few others have a CG Motorsports stage 3 paddle clutch and standard flywheel.
I think I paid £350 for my clutch kit from CG, then I bought a new release bearing as a matter of course to be safe
so i would need to buy the clutch kit, £350ish then the flywheel £300ish then the bearing thing £50ish is it? Thats not to bad! Kind of liked the idea of the ttv flywheel as its 6kg lighter but its £450! Anyone got one of these??
I checked my flywheel when the clutch was replaced and it had no lateral freeplay. So on my own head be it I decided not to replace it.
I work in a VW dealership and we NEVER change a DMF clutch without replacing the DMF.
I replaced the bearing as it was £20 or something from TPS, new clutch and flywheel bolts were about £18 from TPS.

If I had the money I would have bought a lightened flywheel, but I couldnt justify it at the time.
I however only replaced the clutch as I was rebuilding for hybrid power, if yours has been slipping chances are the flywheel has high spots form heat and would judder like hell on a new clutch, so a new flywheel would be reccomended.
Hey Jonathan , I'm new to the audi modifying scene but I've hammered the threads and the clutch is something I will be changing very soon also, and what I've read is that a lot of people go for a vr6 and g60 flywheel conversion and do away with the dmf, if you check out ebay you can get them cheap cheap.