Cluster repairs DIS the dam lcd screen we all nos thats dies


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hi peeps just want to no if any of you lot have had a repair done by a company in the uk if so pls let me no how much and where and if it is worth it i am waiting for a price off of these guys
Will post the price when i get my call back fingers crossed there not to pricie because it would be great to see my sat nav in action as my screen has about 10 lines out on it


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Hey I was gonna get mine done as the abs light was not coming on and its an MOT failure but it passed without it :yes:I talked to a technician and he said that he had a bmw cluster with almost nothing working on it and it cost about £250.00. But im going to send mine away as soon as I get some money!!!


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prices start at £40 p+p the site says. they also do LED convertions for £25 upwards. Im keeping an eye on this lot.... i only have 4 lines out on my DIS but it would be nice to have it all tip top!


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I feel so lucky to have a perfect DIS. My mates A3 is really REALLY bad..not sure I could put up with that. I'll point him in the direction of this thread if he wants it sorting.


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My DIS is really bad you cant see a thing,its sort of faded and its not like dead pixels.Would that LCD reapir sticky fix it or should I just buy another 1?


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will need to get mine done, in london aswell GREAT


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lol just rang them to do a rebuild of the DIS is at a cost of £149+vat hopes this helps