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Clunky knock? Bushes/clutch/ball joints?

Gary_808 Oct 4, 2015

  1. Gary_808

    Gary_808 Registered User

    Currently I'm getting abit of a clunky knock,

    If I stab the throttle and let of it clunks/knocks,

    On my list to check is

    engine mounts (recently fitted vibra mounts and power flex dog bone)

    Wishbone bushes, have power flex bushes fitted currently but really I think they are past their best,

    What bushes do people recommend? Sure I've seen tt bushes recommended?

    Got some new ball joints ready to go on.

    I'm hoping one of these fix it and I don't have to delve into the gearbox and clutch!

    Any other ideas?
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  3. ayfreetee

    ayfreetee Registered User

    Arb bushes, drop links, cv joints, steering rack bush, track rods and ends, as for bushes, powerflex, floflex and as mentioned TT are all good, easiest way to find the problem is take to a garage with rotating ramp plates, or just get in all the joints with a pry bar.

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