Clunking noise when steering


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Nov 15, 2004
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South London
Hi guys, i've been away for the past month, and i took the car out for a quick drive last night, and i'm getting a loud clunking sound (sounds like its coming from underneath the front of the car) when i apply quite a bit of lock (mainly to the right i think) at low speed. It doesn't happen when driving in a straight line, but i did notice that the car is pulling slightly to the right now. Any ideas?

sounds like a cv joint m8, put on full lock if clonks like mad more or less guaranteed cv
Well it turns out that the o/s/f coil spring has snapped! In hindsight, it was more of a twanging sound than a clunking sound.

I've been quoted £65 for the spring plus £110 for fitting (1.5 hrs labour!) from my local specialist. Does this seem like a fair price to everyone? Where does everyone go for their spares now vagparts have shut? GSF and the like only seem to do lowering kits.

£110 for and hour and a half labour ****** hell i think il stay up here where its more like £40-50 for that. Plus i dont think it takes 135 hours to change a spring but i might be wrong.
well mate, i only threw my OE ones away a week ago....shame as you could of had that for nothing. anyway, as regards to price? I would think that is a little steep for just one spring....but IMO you are best changing both at the same time.
Shouldn't take more than an hour to fit, and even then £75 an hour is steep.