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Facelift Close to going stage 2 on my FL

jaysrs4 Feb 13, 2020

  1. jaysrs4

    jaysrs4 Registered User

    So I'm looking for some feedback on anyone who's gone Stage 2 on an FL please.

    I've got the opportunity of getting my hands on both a Wagner intercooler and downpipe. My car was booked in for some work at JBS including some Forge goodies anyway, so I'm very close to making it happen.

    Can anyone give me any feedback with a similar setup please? I'm not chasing numbers, but if I'm spending best part of 2.5k on modifying my car further, I'd like some firm feedback and thoughts on performance please. I don't drive the car every day as I work from home, so traffic commuting isn't an issue. I drive it sensibly and give it a good squirt every now and then.

    For me I like the idea of running a larger intercooler to keep things nice and safe over a stock one on a Stage 1. Any other things I should be thinking of? Be good to hear your thoughts please.
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  3. Ross_T_Boss

    Ross_T_Boss Registered User

    Consider supporting mods, TCU map and dogbone lower + upper inserts (or uprated). I would say it needs intake also, I have seen good results just fitting the forge pipe to be fair but a full intake is beneficial. You can go stage 2 and log boost to see if there's much on the table, so can always be done later to confirm if you're not convinced.

    A decent map will not allow things to get dangerous on the stock cooler, it'll just pull timing and loads of power. But you are right to consider that mandatory on a stage 2 car.

    You will hear alot about wastegate rattle, but if you are using the Wagner with sports cats I suspect it'll be less severe than many decatted. Maybe I got lucky, but with the IE cast downpipe and 200-cell it's barely more than I could ever hear stock when trying, and limited to a smaller range.

    Performance gains, it is not unreasonable to expect 30-50hp. Kinda depends how far stage 1 was pushed. I've heard many stage 1 folk say it's not worth it, but not many stage 2 folks agree with that. Letting figures do the talking; I ran 10.8/10.9@127mph at stage 1 in my TTRS, and stage 2 10.5/10.6@131mph. The increased noise in S with fully-open flaps was worth it, and performance wise it just feels a bit more untamed (in a good way).
  4. Holger

    Holger Registered User

    A larger intercooler doesn‘t keep things nice and safe. Actually just the opposite: the air going in is cooler, the air coming out is hotter. Therefore, I would always change the downpipe as well. My downpipe doesn‘t have a cat any more, the cat has been moved to underfloor.
  5. terminator x

    terminator x Registered User

    @Beebee-one will know.


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  6. Tristan

    Tristan Registered User

    For a full stage 2 I'd say get
    - cold air intake (heard a lot of good things about integrated engineering)
    -intercooler (very debatable but most people including mrc have advised me towards Wagner evo 3)
    - turbo inlet elbow pipe, forge do a decent one which I put on and gained an odd 13 bhp crank
    - catless downpipe (many on the market but went with milltek)
    -catback 3" not absolutely necessary maybe until stage 3 onwards but puts icing on the cake in terms of noise, went with milltek non res)

    Additional mods
    - motor and transmission mounts/dogbone mount inserts
    I sourced mine through 034 in CA, USA before the parts came out but I believe awesome GTI and the likes should have you covered. Slightly expensive but gave the car a lot of character and significantly reduced or more or less eradicated gear shift slop

    -uprated rear sway bars/end links

    With all mods done managed around 3 second 0 to 60 and in and around high 10s on 1/4 mile.

    Mrc tuning also do mapping for octane booster/race fuel as well to get the most if you're tracking.

    I personally went with water meth injection just for cooling to keep those inlet temps down when pushing the car as well as the added protection from reduced chances of detonation. Best of luck with your build it's another level of beast once it's done!
  7. jaysrs4

    jaysrs4 Registered User

    Thanks for the feedback fellas, it’s booked in for a week on Wednesday. I’ve got both Forge pipes, Wagner Evo3 and Wagner down pipe. So am very interested to see what it’s going to be like. I’ll update when it’s all done!
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  8. Tristan

    Tristan Registered User

    Should see 500 Bhp pretty easily with the tune.

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