Clock instrument problems?


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So basically I've re set when my service is due :/ how do I put the amount back on? As now it's says am due one in 9k haha :laugh:
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I want your faulty electronics
VCDS should be able to help you out with it.


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Lol! About the stupidest thing I've done with my car, soon as I seen it, service due in 9k I was like orrrrrrr nnnoooooo it's 6k till I actually need one so will have to remember, it's very easy to do this you just hold the clock stick out for a second or two then does it -_-


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As far as I know you cant. VCDS can reset it too but cant cancel it.


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I seem to recall you could set the miles in somewhere, not sure if was the 8P or what chassis, maybe something I read somewhere else & complete ******, lol, but you need to ask ross-tech if they have the area for this, just email them with your genuine serial number & they should advise if its possible.