Climate control retrofit?


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My girlfriend's facelift 58 plate A3 has standard AC and I'd like to change that to climate is this possible and secondly, what bits would I need apart from the climate control unit? Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have done a search but most threads are about retrofitting the new climate unit to an old one.


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It was asked before & it didnt seem practical, the whole airbox in the dash would need changed to one that has motors not cable operated flaps. Lots of work & would cost quite a bit even getting bits 2nd hand.


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It would be possible but with massive outlay in time to complete and money.


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I got as far as pulling the dash apart and seeing all the cables that would need to be converted to some sort of electrical motors for air flow. Too big a job for what I wanted.


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Its not just the main unit, its probably engine compartment work aswell for piping if not there already, its a pig of a job.