Clicking noise help


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I have a 2009 facelift 2.0 TDI 170 s line manual 6 speed.
The car makes a clicking noise at low speeds and when moving off and changing gears. Happens in 1st, 2nd and 3rd upto around 30mph.
If I downshift into 1st under load around 15 mph, a horrible grinding sound occurs as the gear engages. The same is now happening going into 2nd under load, however the sound is not as bad.

Other than that, the car drives without any issue. The clutch engages as expected with no issues, the car pulls fine, no smoke rattles etc. Shifting up is smooth (apart from the clicking sound).

Also the car has done 190k.
Just been serviced.
Had cambelt water pump done at Audi around 170k.

Any thoughts?

Thank you


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Not sure if it would be a stone in the tyres as the fronts were replaced after the noise started and I checked all the tyres immediately after I heard the noise.

CV joints may be a possibility, however no weird clunking noises can be heard on full lock which would indicate CV. Just had the mot done, and no CV boots were flagged up.

Will have it checked for anything stuck somewhere in rotating parts, however I would expect the sound to be constant.

Doesn't explain the grinding shifting down into 1st


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The gearbox dog bone mount was always a favourite to give nasty gear changes and odd noise. At 190k miles anything in the drivetrain and associated rubber bushes is going to show signs of wear.


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True. Took it to my mechanic today and he said it sounds like some form of bushing is dry.
MOT advisory for the past two years has been on both wishbones bushed being cracked but not causing excessive wear.
Will have the bushes looked at properly.

Gear changes are very smooth though. It just grinds really horribly going into 1st under load when engine braking. Once in gear, it is absolutely fine.

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Mine did the same . N it was brakes pads. Had proper warn em out lol