clicking from behind dash


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hi guys,noticed last night theres a weird clicking noise from behind dash,thought it was the cd changer so removed cartridge and it wasnt that, im thinking now is it something to do with the climate control maybe a motor trying to move a heater flap or something?
anyone else ever come across this?

Dan TheMan Welburn

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Unfortunately the only advice i can give is get used to it.... its one of those tiny gremlins of these cars, i dont think there has been a definitive fix for it... but your right it is to do with the climate control motors,


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yep nothing you can do about it mine has done it the hole time iv owned it i dont hear it any more only when my dad or some one is in the car and points it out lol starting to think audi are slipping to be fair with there little common bits and bobs that mess around or the peeling of the buttons and stuff but thats just me ;-)


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Get it read for codes, & I'm sure you'll find a faulty climate control flap motor.


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I'm sure the motors around 100 quid each when I last priced them up ?? About 12 months ago and I was going to change the 3 but give it a miss lol...