Clicking/Clunk noise when accelerating


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Sorry guys, I’m really not trying to spam this forum with the ‘always asking’ questions posts

Been reading up on some forums and google and it seems to be something to do with the ABS kicking in but wanted to check here first with all the very knowledgable folks :)

When I’m accelerating about 10mph from a junction or from starting the car and driving off from a car park, the car seems to always give off a loud clunk/click type of noise.

Is this normal and should it be doing this all the time even when already moving, stopping at a junction and moving off again?


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Never heard of the ABS thing and never noticed it on mine tbf, maybe brake binding, driveshaft ?

I'll have a play later and let you know.

My BMW did it ever so slightly when you tapped the brake for the first time slowing, I was told it was some slight movement in the pads, I sold it before they needed replacing.


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Never heard that and certainly should not be doing that. Gearbox by any chance?

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From Reddit

“As others have said, the first clunk is the ABS/TCS test. Once the wheels are moving at sufficient speed the ABS and TCS do a self-test to make sure they're functioning correctly. It only happens the first time you hit a certain speed/distance after starting (in most cars it's 15-20mph or 200ft, whichever comes first). The second click is obviously the locks.

Completely normal, but feel free to hit the dealership to get their take on it if you're feeling hesitant”


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This noise is doing our head in folks

Soon as we slow down to a juntion or roundabout, slow down to about 5mph then accelerate again there is a loud click noise. This is happening every single time and it’s now really annoying me :(

Going to see if we can pull a Tech out for a drive in the car at some point, it happens all the time so it’s going to be extremely easy to replicate
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Hi @Leebroath, this might not be the same issue, but I had an annoying noise with my 2014 A7, where every so often there was a jingling rattle. I narrowed it down to when the s-tronic gearbox moved from 2nd to 3rd or slight loader when coming to 3rd from 4th. I got Audi Dealer to take a look, who immediately got approval from Audi UK just to replace the gearbox. The noise went a way.
If it is annoying, best get the dealer to have a listen and get them to work out what it really is.


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Hi guys, just an update on this

One of my partners friends husband is an Audi Tech (at the master stage) and he went out with me the other night to listen. He did say there was definitely something wrong as that clunk noise should not happen when travelling and increasing speed from a low Mph to higher. He actually walked with the car and the clink happens a few times which he was able to hear.

The car is now booked in with Audi in the next couple of weeks (waiting list for courtesy car) so we should finally find out what it could be.

He did say it could well be brake pads lose or something to do with the transmission.

Will keep you all posted


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** UPDATE **

Just had the Audi Tech Video posted to my Email address

Apparently the rear clunk noise when accelerating was NOT the ABS kicking in after all, they have traced the noise to the Rear Differential and they have classed it as 'Requires Urgent Attention'.

Is this a big cost and could it have caused us major problems if it finally broke down?

Sorry I have no idea what this part does lol


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Ok so it is part of the Transmission, a second gear box if you may

Strange how a 66 plate Diff would go at this stage and this must be a big cost to purchase and have Audi fit


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Can’t edit my previous post to add

Just been advised there are absolutely no Rear Diffs available anywhere in the UK


So a part is being expedited to the UK, no idea where from though but we have been told the car will be given back to us with a couple of weeks. We have also been told Mobex will be in touch to loan us a car and we give Audi their car back.


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good news :icon thumright: