Clearmounts phone holder fitted.


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I don't know about anyone else but I found the S3 didn't have anywhere to put your phone where you can see it, so started to look how to mount it, didn't like the side mounts that are bolted to the side of the dash, and came across a Canadian company Clearmounts doing magnetic mounts that fit between the centre vents which look imo pretty good and great place to fit the phone when using sat nav or Spotify can change songs easily.
Come with extra magnet that can stick inside the phone cover or to the phone, mine sticks with out the magnet which is a bonus.

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07 170 DSG
Unfortunately my car came with the dash holder above the glovebox.I use the same round magnet and on the rear of my case is a thin metal strip, never fell off once.


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Brodit do a clip that mounts similarly but also a proper tilt/swivel holder so you can angle the screen up and towards you.


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Looks good! I've been considering one. Seems a much better solution than the Kenu Airframe I'm using at the minute.


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I've just changed from a Brodit Proclip that goes over the vent to a Clearmount.
It's perfect, doesn't block anything like boost gauge or air vents.


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I just got this too. I'm not a huge fan of phone holders on the dash but this is the best of a bad bunch. Functionally its awesome.


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Still prefer the Brodit, same location for phone between vents, mine charges too (essential for Sat Nav use) and doesn't need magnetic bits on the phone.