Cleaning Snow Foam Gun


Hi Gents,

I live in the South East near the South Downs so hence the water round here is very hard. I use a snow foam lance on both mine and my wife's car when washing them. However having had to clean it out once before with a descaler solution I wondered if anyone had any better ideas to get the guns passages clear again.

When I use it I always rinse it through with clean water and I have a descaler on the incoming supply to the house so the hose makes use of this too. When I used the de scaler before I know it is some form of acidic product so once finished I rinsed it thoroughly and then run a few mixes of shampoo though it over the drive before the output went near either of our cars. I would be interested to get peoples thoughts on this as it is once again getting to the stage where it needs de clogging.

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I to have the same problem, i just run water through my lance but the hard water in london worries me. Its proving a nightmare to dry the car aswell.

I know you can buy water softners in filter forms but they are pricey, That should help and allow you to just run water through it.
Another thing is when you open up the lance inside is a metal mesh kind of gauge. Autobrite direct sell spares for them and as the lances are generic im sure its just a matter of replacing it.