Cleaned out intercooler and egr valve today: 146,000 miles.


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Today i had a long day ahead of me. Took my car to college and lifted her up on all fours to put the rear anti roll bar in and i took off the EGR valve and intercooler to give them a clean out.

Suprisingly, the EGR valve was pretty much spotlessly clean!. I had soot marks on my fingers at the most but there was no chunks of carbon left behind like in my friends Bora (who cleaned his egr out at the same time)

Very suprised by that.

Then cleaned out the intercooler which was pretty darn clean too. I rinsed some petrol through it, let it sit for 30 minutes before giving it a good move shake around and then dried off with a air compressor.

All in all i was VERY suprised to see very little amount of dirt in the car! Yes i do give my car the weekly italian tune up on the motorway or A-road up the steepest bit of road i can find, and i sometimes thrash the **** out of her to redline in most gears but none the less, very well done audi!

I have taken a FEW photos which i will upload when i get them off my friend and also put my fog light hids on today too! :)

Next week i may check my inlet manifold and maybe rocker cover gasket too as i think its leaking....

One happy guy! :rock: