Cleaned it, but it's not much better (few pics)


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So finally removed the turbo today and gave it a clean. It wasn't too grubby to fair!

Intake fins, good condition, no nicks etc.

Good fins, but sooty only lightly

Bit sooty but not bad, arm is free moving.

Grubby vanes but not too bad.

Dirty ring and little wheels.

Ring and vanes cleaned up.

Soot removed and the arm for the VNT mech is now clean.

Compressor housing all cleaned.

Vanes back in.

As for the EGR valve gasket, it looks like someone has previously tried to fit a blanking plate. Only they used pee thin ally which has eventually holed away looking at it.

Black soot is on the metal. It's not a build up of soot only.

Even undid the EGR but couldn't get the thing out. Wasn't too sooted up inside so bolted back together and went for a drive.

With vacuum pipe on EGR there is no power/no acceleration after each gear change up for about a second or so if the revs are below 2k rpm. Still no power upto 2k rpm.

With pipe off there is power/acceleration but still no power until 2k rpm. On hills I'm in 2nd gear where my 1.9tdi golf is in 4th at 2k rpm!!

It seems to hold the boost a bit longer now though after 2600rpm But just so flat getting to 2k. Not like my A6 2.5 155! That was pokey from the off!

What if I was too reduce the actuator rod by one or two turns? Try and bring the boost in a little earlier.

I can hear the turbo spooling from 1200rpm, there is a feint whistle. The whistling never increases in loudness and is only feint at all times.

Or maybe the car had has a remap at some point? But a poor one? Any way of being able to check my software?

Has anyone made a boost leak tester for this engine? Although everything seems to be fine in terms on hoses etc.

Any other pointers please? Peeing me off now. Glad I only drive the car once in a blue moon as the wife uses this daily.

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Check all the vacuum pipes for splits, & it's also worth checking the N75 operation with VCDS.


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Dan was it overall a difficult job?
I don't think if have the balls to do it though


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Good effort on the cleaning job dude, the most I did was spraying a load of Mr Muscle in to the manifold hole where the EGR pipe joins to.
Plus one on the vac pipes, headlight and air box out and you'll be able to access most bits.


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Once the turbo is off yeah it's fairly easy. On a Haynes spanner scale I'd say a 3. Just take your time and remember where what goes where. The small torx screws on the vane ring were a bit tricky but work them in and out with a bit of GT85 spray and they come out. They build up of soot.

To clean, I used Mr Muscle and soaked the bits for while. I didn't use it on the turbine though in case it seeped through and damaged any seals. Just a wire brush on that bit.

Just take your time and don't rush or force anything and don't lose any bits! You'll be fine.