Clean Throttle Body And Intake System?


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Hi all,

Thinking of taking off all the intake pipes i.e. the intercoolers and their piping, the charge pipe and the TIP to give them a good clean as i know the PCV system can cause sludge to build up - saw some in the charge pipe when changing the cam cover and cam chain adj. gaskets. Is this a recommended thing to do?

Also, the throttle body might as well come off for a clean at the same time. Never done a TB before only ever stripped carbs from motorcycles, can I just take it off and clean it up with some spray then stick it back on again with now issues / lights coming on the dash?

Might sound like a silly question but i dont want to take things apart that i shouldn't really!




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For the TB, all I do is until the hose clip and push the hose to one side, then spray carb cleaner over the butterfly. It's better if you can get someone to hold throttle on full (engine off obviously!), or put something heavy on accelerator. The gunge just runs out thanks to gravity :)