Christmas Night out - Want to come to Belfast?


Former Audi Driver
So ive been chatting to @Sandra about the possibility of having a big night out over here, since our region is the newbie of the site.

I am opening this up to you Scottish, English and Welsh guys for an opportunity to come over to a great city in Northern Ireland and have the time of your life :)


My idea come from having went over to a Christmas night out in Nottingham with a previous car club i was on a few years ago, it was an amazing night, i got very drunk haha :laugh:

I dont think there has been anything like this on Audi-Sport before and my proposal is to go to Belfast have a lovely meal and then hit the big city after for some drinks. We have some amazing restaurants in Belfast and some of the very best clubs you could ever go to. :very drunk::orange: :rockwoot::beerchug:

Accommodation is very simple, we have Premier Inn's dotted all over Belfast City and they offer some very keen rates so check them out.

If you guys want to bring your cars over then we can have a big meet up with the cars, photoshoot etc. first

It would be fantastic to meet you guys, have an epic night out and for us to show you what Belfast has to offer, a place we are very proud off in the culture of Northern Ireland.

Would you be up for this? :D:D