chorus replacement problem


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hi there,im trying to replace my chorus headunit with a pioneer mp3 player,ive bought all the necessary adaptors,but when i connect everything up the front speakers work fine and the sub works fine but the rear speakers dont.when i reconnect the chorus unit everything works fine.what am i missing? have i missed out a switched live or something?


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If the sub works then rears have to work as they both run off the same amp and the same feed. I take it you have non Bose system?
The rears and the sub all run off the tiny amp inside the tupperware sub enclosure.
Are you running the adapter off the rear RCA's or the subwoofer RCA's. If the subwoofer RCA's then these will already be low pass only so you won't be able to hear much from the rears. You need to use the rear RCA's.
If you have the Bose system then you need to check the RCA connections. The sub runs off one front channel and one rear channel, so you can have the sub working without the rears.


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You need to use a fading pre-out, the one for rears as you'll have to fade quite a bit to the rears as the new HU will be providing 2 x 50w+ to the fronts whilst the rear amp is only 2 x 20w. Either that or rewire the rears directly to the HU