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Jan 30, 2007
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Going for something a little different here with a Eurolook MkI Fiesta. Think the look really suits it and it's a change from the usual Golf chops...
Am really tempted! I've had 2 MkI Fezzies, 1 got old and died and the other was stolen! They pumped up 2 flat tyres and bought their own battery to take it, thieving bast'rds got 100 yards round the corner and ploughed head on into a Ford Galaxy with a mum to be at the wheel! Was a Bravo special edition which were quite rare and due to the fact it was a project I had no insurance on it so I lost out big time. Had already put loads of work into it, was totally gutted.:(
Silly Question What software is that and how hard is it to do...looks really good

The idea behind this one was I wanted to create a sort of modern day hotrod, the Cube's retro lines worked quite well as a base.
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Photoshop is so difficult to use IMO you could spend you entire life on it and not learn it all.
That Stilo looks more like its been rendered rather than photo shopped. Always had a soft spot for the Stilo (Don't know why!) and I don't care what any of you lot say I wouldn't be too ashamed to drive round in the 'after' version!! :) Like the use of the A4 lights in there too!
A4Quattro said:
Photoshop is so difficult to use IMO you could spend you entire life on it and not learn it all.
nah, it's easy i've been using it 4years now and there's nothing else in the prog that i could learn. use it daily in my job so kinda cheating i guess ;)

some really good examples here I used pshop for years when I was doing graphic design never ever got to these levels though..

This is my '07 Mondeo cabriolet, its the first cab conversion I've done. It's chopped with a BMW 3 series convertable to get the 'topless' look.
Been a year since this thread was last posted in, here's one I did today.

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done this one a while back.


done this recently.


done a few photoshops on a mates S3 but dont have the pictures to hand.

Where to start?! This Mondeo has had a roof chop, 3 door conversion and the rear side window has been made in to 1 big window. The front doors have been dehandled and stretched. The side repeaters have been deleted from the wings. The wheels are from a 1970 MkI Escort, and the car has been lowered. The front bumper has been smoothed, grille made smaller and debaged. The eagle eyed ones out there will spot the Evo headlamps (if a little squashed compaired to the originals!). To complete the look I added a 76 aerial topper, hoodride stencil, 'HOODIE' number plate and, of course, that urban camo bonnet. Its all good in da hood G!
have been considering getting 993 turbo wheels to go with my Porsche brakes so got our kid to do me a couple of quick chops. I much prefer the lighter ones.


Here's an ancient one i did on my fiesta Zetec S... not sure why the edited one came out smaller as they are both the same rezzy :s maybe its photobucket being a noob!


Some of my old ones, Ive not done any for a few years now





wish i never did that :( cause i NEED them wheels now
Been a while since I've done anything on Photoshop, so thought id make an S3 I wouldn't mind owning :p

Link to original Image:

Only subtle changes but I like it :) :blackrs4:

First i flipped it to make it right hand drive, put my plate on it (wishful thinking ;)), lowered it, made the avus wheels bigger and graphite coloured, tinted the windows, and changed the blue alcantara for white! Oh yeah, made the grille surround black too.
On the second picture I made a carbon fibre bonnet from scratch just to try it out really since i hadn't done it before, but i want the regular bonnet one!

Looking at them now i forgot to remove the aerial but oh well :p


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Also... some nice chops here :)
I'll probably be doing some more soon so I'll post them up if i think they're up to it haha.
I prefered the Mk2 escort as the before, but then i have a soft spot for them,lol

Some good work there guys
Hi all,

Really like other people's work on here, some of them are sweet as!! Here's a couple I did many years ago... Hope you like!




More recently... Ducati 1198S


Cheers all,
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how i think an rs3 sportback should look

fatter back bumper
thicker skirts
longer rear lights
flared arches
dropped on r8v10 alloys mmmnnnnnn