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chipping in general-varable boost controller

tvr1 Jul 25, 2003

  1. tvr1

    tvr1 Member

    Guys n girls

    Have been considering getting it done for some time 99-S3.

    we always talk about different tuning companies-no matter who ever. some popula some not so.

    I asked in another thread if any one has looked at or had installed the variable boost controller that jabba sport sell.

    whats your veiw on this and how does this affect the mapping done to the ECU ?

    Has anyone got some power charts for the jabba and or revo so we can compare on the s3?

    im gunna ask if we can have a forum purely on posting these charts so we can compare easily. perhaps a chart would be good with a snippet of what mods have been done ive seen something like this else where perhaps not a forum but alink to a spread sheet where we can show BHP And torque and then an attachment for the actual chart.- dont comment on this here - ill request this on the new forum thread.

    For your consideration.



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