Chipped S3 MPG.....


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Hey folks...

Travelled from liverpool to aberdeen yesterday for a couple of days away with me chick, and i thought that i would see what kinda mpg i could get.

Took it easy for the majority of the way averaging 60-70 mph. Filled the tank up before i left and was using the cruise control for 90% of the journey. Averaged 38.2 mpg with a total of 351 miles and the DIS saying that i still had 100 miles left to go in the tank!! Decided that aberdeen was [censored] (nothin much around by where we were) so now i am in edinburgh, staying in the grassmarket area. Filled the tank in aberdeen to a cost of £37. At the same price in liverpool it cost £47 (as the tank was completely empty) so i had £11 quids worth left after 351 miles.

I was quite chuffed with that as my car is chipped and when i was thrashing it last week i was averaging 15mpg!!! (understandably)!!!!!

ah well goin out on the p1ss now so if any one is in the area in their audi i will give ya a wave!!!



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That's good MPGs. I drove from Lancashire to Cornwall last week, cruising at 85 and got 32MPG over the journey. At one point we got agood run for an hour or so and the economy peaked at 36MPG.



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It will be even better if youd turn cruise control off only problem then is the old right foot gets heavyier never lighter.Got just over 400miles out of a tank on a long run a couple of month ago doin about 80-85 down for not quite 200miles got lost coming back hit m-way for about 180miles doin a bit more closer to 3figure area maybe over a few times which i was very supprised with,all the speeds were in km/ph of course /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gifmines not chipped yet but still unless your floging it constantly i dont think having it chipped makes alot of differance to mpg i maybe wrong but its not like your going to have to buy your own petrol refinery for it.