Chip for S3


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I have a 2002 S3 and Im looking to installing a Chip, I have te car in Mexico, so I will probably will have to ship it to Europe to get it installed. What ares some good chips you guys would recomed? Anyone had any experience with the MTM tuned ECU?


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Are you shipping the ECU or the whole car /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif?

Your better off using an american tuner no?


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I wouldn't go to such extremes yet fella and would suggest that a quick search through the main tuners will pull up some dealers in Mexico.

I just took one example and found that APR have a distributor down your way;

Autotecnica Pits, S.A. de C.V.
Tiburcio Sanchez de la Barquera 37
Col. Merced Gomez
Mexico DF 03930
Tel 01 (55) 5593-9384

The above is one example and I would suggest that you look at some of these other sites for products and dealers.

APR - - Very well known both in Europe and the States and stage III tuning gives very good figures.
GIAC- - Again another well known tuner in the states.
Neuspeed - - Well known in the states, but less so than the two above.
Greedspeed - - I don't know much about these guys but the Yanks do from what it seems.
TAP (Total Audi Performance) - - Again I know nothing about these guys but they do across the water
AmD - - Newbie to the States, but based on the European arm will provide good products.
Forge Motorsport - - No chip tuning of their own but they do offer a number of great tuning products for VAG cars.

I found GIAC also have a dealer in Mexico.



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I meant shipping the ECU to Europe to get it tunned, I tought this would be a good idea because I think tunners in Europe have more experience with this car than here in Mexico, but I will look into it, and also, it might be cheaper to get it done in Europe rather than Mexico.
One Question: Looking at the APR Chips I am assuming I need the one for the Audi TT? Am I right??


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You dont need to locate it! It can be read electronically from your diagnostic port. Go to your dealer and they should do it for you!


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I contacted AMD and they can do it for me here in the US, but the car is in Mexico, I need to remove the ECU and ship it to them, so I need to know where the ECU is located