Chernobyl on Sky


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Yep, great series. Makes you remember how devastating nuclear explosions are. Still....all for the motherland! (Heroes/heroins or nutters?)

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A damn good watch. I remember it happening and followed everything afterwards for many years. I find it even more interesting now that it is being condensed into a short time frame for TV.


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If you find this interesting take a mooch around the 28dayslater forum, it's a urban exploring forum and a few of them have gone on proper little missions around there, ducking and diving from the military and hearing packs of wolves roaming. It's a good read.


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We've got the last episode to watch, incredibly good mini-series - one of the best I've watched for a very long time. The first episode is especially good, jaw dropping in places considering what we know now about radiation etc.


It gets a 9 from me as I felt they focussed too long on the pet disposal squad in episode 4. It means that my missus has refused to watch it after she asked me if any animals die.