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check for play in bottom end without removing engine?

S3Hus Jul 5, 2019

  1. S3Hus

    S3Hus Registered User

    hi peeps, couple of Q's regarding 2007 s3 BHZ

    Can a failed cam tensioner cause the bottom end/ bearings to go? - or a blocked pickup cause this?

    as im thinking the metal flakes in sump could be from a bearing or rod- is there any way to check the rods for play without removing the engine?

    it seems the oil pump is blocking access when looking from the bottom with the sump removed, is it a big job to remove and will i then be able to see and touch the bearings?

    thanks :S
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  3. R0cket

    R0cket Active Member VCDS Map User

    You can remove the oil pump without removing the engine can’t you?

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