Cheapest place to buy car battery ?


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Aug 18, 2016
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I have a 2007 Audi A4 B7 2.7Tdi that needs a new battery.
Am only planning to keep the car until autumn so i want to spend the least amount as possible.

Can you recommend the cheapest place to get a battery that will just do.
So far I've seen Tayna Batteries for £80 which is a Euroline 78Ah 740CCA
But Lion battery states i need 70Ah 640CCA ?
Both 096 codes.
Tayna hands down great service thus far.
I bought eBay item No. 180840809877 for the 3.0Tdi
Same size as the original & works fine.
£80 delivered.
Just go to your local motor factors. My new Bosch was £90. I'm sure there were cheaper options too
The 019 battery is 354mm long, which I think is too long for 2008 cabriolet 3.0tdi which I think will only take a max of 315mm, can anyone confirm?
Goto Tayna site, it's usually spot on, great service too.
+1 for Tayna here. Used them twice now and both times spot on with price and delivery.

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Think it was a 019 that I fitted in the 3.0tdi and it is too long, sits on the AC pipes at one end
Tayna shows 354x175x190 for my reg, I think thats incorrect and will maybe compromise the ac pipes as pilet14 says.
I believe it should be 315long as per my existing battery which I believe is the original at 14 years old.
Wow, getting it out looks well tricky.
I've taken top plastic tray and surrounding cover off.
Then some rubber conduit cable thingy in front of the battery.
But the torx retainer is under what looks like a large steel strut brace, looks like a bitch to get to?
Battery 115 type ordered.
I have fabricated a 6mm hex tool and have removed the bolt.
Do I need rns-e code before disconnecting (as it is no-where to be seen!)
Exide ea900 fitted (£80). Correct size/rating.
RNS code was retained.
Bit of a bitch to wrestle out and back in.