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Cheap New BMW 440i M-Sport Coupe

Bristle Hound Apr 10, 2017

  1. Bristle Hound

    Bristle Hound Moderator Staff Member Moderator X3 M-Sport Artic White

    For orders placed in Q2 and delivered by end of September 2017....

    Brand new factory order. Any spec that you require... example shown below.

    440 M Sport Coupe LCI model.
    Sports Auto.
    Standard - metallic paint, leather, Pro Media, Heated Seats, LED lights.
    Options inc in this quote; M Sports Plus Package and Digital Cockpit.

    List price £47,115 OTR
    TRL allowance £11,115

    OTR offer price for Babybmw users £36,000.

    Finance example;
    Customer deposit £4000
    Then 47 x £399 plus GFV £16060
    based on 8K miles pa and 2.9% APR.

    This is just a guide as to our offer. you can order any specification you wish and the quote can be adjusted to suit.
    Other deposits and mileage allowances available upon request.
    contact me for quotes at

    TRLdeals@outlook.com '


    Could be tempted ;) :D
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  3. Scottyg

    Scottyg Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver TDi Audi A3 S tronic

    They are doing some massive deposit contributions. Saw one yesterday giving a contribution of just over 20k!!!! Are BMWs not selling??? The M140 is also available ridiculously cheap.

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