Cheap 360 + which 360 games?


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cheap xbox

my girlfriend has just bought me a 360 pro (60gb model) she got it from argos, it their sales brouchure it shows it for £200 ish with pgr4 and sega tennis when you get to the tills it comes up £180ish.............BUT the price is wrong becuase if you check online it comes up as £162 the prce of the console and the games are then free..........she got them to check instore and it is right and they have been over pricing people by up to £40 depending on what pricethe tills throw up ........just thought id let you know incase you were thinking of buying one

xbox games?????

this is my first xbox360 (i had the old xbox).........what games do people reccomend?
i have pgr4 and sega tennis (lol), i dont need cod5 as i have that on my pc, i like driving games etc, and games that my girlfriend can maybe join in


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your into your driving stuff like me - Project Gotham is awesome (as im sure you'll agree).

Need for speed most wanted is good too. And if i get board of racing - call of duty is really good too :D

I've got nfs pro street but the cars are better than undercover but the game layout in most wanted is miles better!!
Get Forza - it's the most realistic driving game there is - they tried to make it like Gran Turismo and although not as good, it's a lot less arcadey than games like PGR...

Colin Mcrae also very good game./


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COD4 is the best game on the Xbox for FPS according to the xboxlive count, but if you have COD5 wait for the better COD6 which will be done by Infinity ward again (unlike COD5).

I have been playing Forza from the begining and always had and loved the GT series (apart from the PS3 Prologue). SimBin which you may know from the PC is about to release an Xbox360 exclusive proper racing game. When i say proper, i mean that it has most of the gaming power for the handling dynamics and not the graphics (thats why its only 30fps compared to Forza 60fps) but its 12 players online and according to PC buffs, Simbin are the best in the business.

Anyway if you want this it will be out in Jan-Feb:icon_thumright:


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ok heres what i have so far

project gotham 4
forza 2
colin mcrae dirt
ghost recon 2
rainbow 6 vegas2
sega super stars tennis

and was give these

some bejewlled type game
& viva pinata


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Well i think you have the cream of the titles anyway. You aren't really missing anything from the genre's you have, except COD4, but it would be pointless going back to a game when you have the pc version etc. But perhaps waiting for Race Pro in Jan-Feb is a good option...