Chatsworth Rally Show


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Great day out last year watching the quattro,s on the rally course and the audi stand worth a day out.


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I was going to go to that but didn't in the end. Was Perez/VK event wasn't it.
I see you're in Chesterfield... I'm just out near Ashover. I'll keep an eye out for your motor!


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Went to a MINTEX event at Olivers Mount in Scarborough many years ago.
Its great seeing the old stuff hooning around the tarmac.
Was a mix of Group B stuff, RS200s, Metro 6R42 etc, plus MK1,2,3 wide body Escorts, MK1,2 Astras, Cossies, Chevettes, Sunbeams, Hillman Imps!. etc
Good day out.


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Hi mate yes it was the vk thing other than that was a good day especially snooping round the quattro garages mikula etc eres the link if anyone interested.