Chassis Differences between S4 & RS4?


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Hi Guys

I'm struggling to find an OEM parts list for the differences between the S4 and RS4.

I suspect the RS runs larger roll bars, higher poundage springs and some additional hardware to allow for more camber?

I also suspect many of the RS parts will be straight swap to the S.

Any pointers will be gratefully received!


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I am also getting this:


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Long story short, I suspect there is a thicker roll bar(s) and springs that is a straight swap between the S and RS models. The ride in the RS cars is better controlled and flatter around corners. Aftermarket stuff always seems to be made for the US / Germany and rides like a horror show on UK country lanes!


RS4/5's run 275 tyres, no doubt with appropriate spring rates etc.
Very happy with our mods (suspect for far fewer $$s) and drive in individual with settings in dynamic, except suspension in comfort, to suit SWMBO.

Trivia:- Had tyres swapped front to back etc. + alignment & tyres filled with nitrogen @ their recommended 38 psi. Drove home & felt like it was on
Fred Flintstone tyres. Took it around to my Audi mate where his accurate tyre gauge read 40psi, with warm only tyres. Discussed nitrogen heavier but cooler than normal air, so less expansion and lower tyre temp. Dropped to 37/36psi (S4 a porker @ 1000/800kgs), far more livable.

When we were chatting I said Drive was dynamic except suspension in comfort. He said "does it actually programme into individual?".
He started the S4, selected individual, (dynamic except suspension in comfort) then pressed the MMI circular wheel for a few seconds.
During that time the revs altered, there was an unmistakeable change to the exhaust tone and the box changed from 'D' to 'S'. WOW!!
Each time I start up I do this, and even when I drive off & change back to 'D', the S4 is s-o-o-o much more responsive.
Not sure whether to mention it at the next service.
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