Q7 Charging in my Q7


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Hi All
A while ago battery light came up so i replaced battery. I have used OBD Eleven to code but charging was around 13.4v. I swapped original battery for Bosch 110ah/920a. No one could sort low charging our and my garage suggested new alternator. Bran new part fitted and problem still the same. If the alternator ECU cable is connected charging drops to 13.4v but if i disconnect that cable charging is normal around 14.5v. I have put original 110ah/520v battery back and coded but nothing changed. If the ECU alternator cable is disconnected i read many faults but charging is normal however some electric features like heated seats or heating does not work. If i connect the cable charging drops down and after hour or so goes down to 12.3 and stop charging. No way to start in the morning. I have tested voltage everywhere (alternator, battery, under bonnet etc) and no differences. When all is conected like should be there is one fault on OBDEleven on channel 19 and google says that there is connection issue and possibly related to recent activation TPMS. Please do you have any thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Thank you