Charging a5 cabriolet battery


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hi all, battery definitely needs replacing. After car has stood for nearly 3 weeks, the starter motor barely turns. I need to book car in next week for new battery, but need to get to work tomorrow so have borrowed a battery charger from a neighbour and located the charge terminals under the bonnet.

Question: do I need to do anything other than connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal and then turn the plug on? Do I need to disconnect anything anywhere?

Thanks for your help


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Thanks desert storm, yes it seems better but I think is still charging, at a rate of 1.5, whatever that means?!

I will take a look at that battery, but having spoken to a garage I trust a few weeks ago, he suggested having the car overnight for a battery drain test just to make sure there is no bigger issue than just needing a new battery


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if your car has stop/start function you need a agm battery......also need to code it to the car.