Changing out speakers

jordan denton

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Hi all, I'm buying a a3 3.2 over the weekend and am thinking of what to do about the speakers. In my old a3 2.0tdi I had the standard ones and I can get the bose complete system for about 90 quid. Is this just an easy replace or do you have to run different wires into it at all.
I know lots have people have mentioned just replace with different speakers but I'm just wamsring as I can get the bose state for so cheap is it a ballache to do.

Cheers in advance.


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Don't bother with Bose - go after market. I'm not sure of all the differences, I guess the door wiring will work but don't know about the amp, coding etc

I have Bose and it's not all that - it's actually hindered me in moving to an aftermarket (Android) HU.


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Don't bother with bose... still crappy paper cone speakers and I doubt any better than the standard blaupunkt, you can get a lot better brand new for less money than the second hand bose stuff.

I did a guide on fitting better speakers in the OEM enclosures I'll see if I can find it