Changing my battery - help please


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Hope everyone had a good xmas and new year.

So I have a new battery for the S3 but how the hell do I get the old one out! Looks like the hardest battery to change ever :)

Any help would be appreciated



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unscrew plastic cover - you can now see battery
unclip loom from both sides of battery and lift away from you - you can now access battery, remove connections from terminals.
get a 13mm (i think) socket and undo retaining clamp, lift out and replace.

remember to set your one touch windows for full closure by opening and closing them fully and then removing key from ignition.

that should be it :)


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yep, incase you haven't done it already, you just need a 10mm socket for the battery terminals and a 13mm socket to reach the plate that holds the battery down (front side) middle of battery.

Depending on which battery you got it might only just fit, but you should be able to reuse most / all the covers and plate that holds the fuses and connections will clip back onto most batteries.