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Changing Front Dipped Beam Halogen Bulb (Passenger Side)

Za1n97 Oct 11, 2018

  1. Za1n97

    Za1n97 New Member

    Evening all,

    My left headlight (Passenger Side) on my 3 Dr Audi 8v has gone and I need to replace it. (Halogen Bulbs not the Bixenons)

    I have managed to take the bulb out of the cluster, by twisting it anticlockwise. I have connected the new light bulb successfully, however I am struggling with securing it back in place inside the cluster. There is a fuse box on this side of the car and therefore the angle is quite tight, leaving less space to actually get a good rotation.

    Honestly, I don't understand why they make it so difficult to replace a consumable item like a light bulb..

    Has anyone had any experience of replacing their light bulb? And if so, how did you go about it?


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  3. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Well-Known Member

    Try using something like a pair of pliers to grip and twist.
    A lot of cars are like this as they are cramming as much **** under the bonnet to make more space inside also makes you go back to dealer for simple things. One of my old cars I had to move the battery or washer bottle to change the light bulbs.
  4. steverobertsbbc

    steverobertsbbc Active Member

    Took me half an hour, skinned knuckles and lots of swearing to change both of mine. Good luck!
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  5. hellodave

    hellodave Member

    I had the same problem on an A3 8P. The manual claimed you could change both bulbs yourself from under the bonnet. Absolute b****cks (unless you're Mr Tickle) but of course you don't know until it's too late and you're past the point of no return! Bulb comes out fine but fitting the new one is impossible! Eventually I had to take the wheel off and access the bulb that way - so much for a quick job!

    I eventually worked out if you leave the wheels on full lock to the right you've got just enough room to unscrew part of the wheelarch liner and get your hand behind the headlight through the gap. Much easier than removing the wheel or dismantling the airbox, battery etc. Not sure if the 8V is the same but worth a look.
  6. mike170

    mike170 Member

    Yea changed mine on my s3 8v, remove wheel and inner wheel arch.
    Still a pain as can’t see what your doing only by real.

    Audi recommended to remove bumper and headlight.

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  7. traindweller

    traindweller Active Member Team Floret Silver Audi A3

    Like everybody else I had the same trouble. I think it is down to the method of securing the bulbs , in my case the pin was very slightly bent and was just enough to stop it going into the locking part . Once I had sorted that out it went in easily, I can't remember if you can see the 'headlight bulb retainer' mechanism but if not, Google it you can get a better idea of the mechanism. Hope that helps and your hands heal quicker than mine did!
  8. Za1n97

    Za1n97 New Member

    Thanks for the responses! I tried again but all I was left with was a half eaten hand.
    I'll try the wheel arch option tomorrow!

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