Changing dipped headlight bulb?!?


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One of my xenon bulbs is on its way out and I want to replace but I can't get my hand into it at all! It's the n/s bulb where the fuse box is has anybody changed this before ? Also how do I find out the colour of my good xenon bulb? I know it's a 35w Philips xenstart or something but it doesn't say whether it's 4300k or whatever? It's a pure bright light with no yellow or blue tint at all


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Another thing to consider is to replace both bulbs..There won't be any miss match ....:friends:
ps I think the best way to get at them is to remove the bumper...:blink:


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Done this yesterday but no need to remove bumper.

Remove front wheel and remover inner wheel arch.

Gives you easier access!


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A forum member made a YouTube video guide not to long ago detailing how to change the bulbs.


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How i did mine!
Some say go through wheel arch but i prefer this method as some have gone through wheel arch and could not tighten up clip to secure bulb.
My method allows you take headlight housing out and do it comfortably and securely.