Changing brake pads


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I thinking of putting some greenstuff pads front and rear on my a4 2001 B6.

Any how to's on this or tips?

Should I bleed each brake etc and then top up fluid after changing them?

Don't want to be forcing calipers etc, want it to work properly first time.

Another question, will the monitoring system for pad depth still work or do the sensors connect somewhere else other than the pad?


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Front pads are easy, although you will need a large allen key to take the calipers off. I bought one I thinks its 8mm for £3 to do mine.. Back ones can be tricky as the piston needs to be twisted back in rather than just pushed. There is a special tool for needed for this. You shouldn't really need to bleed the brakes unless there bad at the minute.

You should be able to connect the sensor wires from the pads into the existing connector. Providing that greenstuff pads have wear sensors..

here are some guides that will help you..

Click Here

just go to the tyres, brake & suspension section on the left of the screen. hope this helps


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I can really recommend the brake caliper piston-retraction tool.
Bought one a few months ago and changing the front pads on my B5 A4 was so much easier than using big lumps of wood and large screwdrivers as levers which is what I've had to resort to for years when trying to get caliper pistons back in when changing pads /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif...
The tool really came into its own though last weekend when I replaced the rear discs/pads.
As the caliper piston has 2 notches cut out in it as you wind the tool in the piston gets turned clockwise and the piston retracts.
Changing rear pads becomes an absolute doddle, one of the best £15 purchases I've made in a long time....
Wish I 'd bought the tool years ago now....



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I recently bought a Draper Caliper Rewind tool, about £35 which comes with attachments for different cars.

I think the £15 jobby is probably VAG cars only?