Changed a fuse, something started smoking, now won't start.


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So, since I bought my S3 a few months ago, the speedo and oil temp have not been working. The rest of the dash was fine. It lit up, other dials worked, all good.

Today, I swapped out Fuse 7 (noted as reverse light in the manual). The previous fuse stated "32V" and had shown it was blown, so I swapped out for a 10A (As stated in the manual).
Started driving it, the speedo and oil temp that previous were not working were working, and all was good. Until I noticed some white smoke coming out of the vents and some gathering in the dash. At this point the Dash unit completely went (no lights, no dials, etc) and I pulled over.

Checked the Fuse, it hadn't blown. But the dash is gone and my car will no longer start up. I am going to call a garage tomorrow, but wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing this?

It seems strange to me that the only thing I changed was a blown fuse, to the correct fuse and it managed to do so much damage without breaking the fuse, or to the location that fuse was supposed to of served?