ceramic pads rs4 b7

Andy ge

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hi guys in still kind of a new owner to the rs4 i have a question ....

mine has the ceramic brake option and my question is i need to get one of the pads out to take a pic or get a part number from one now are there any tips on this as i dont want to damage the wear sensor or any other parts .

reason been ive found a supplier for replacement pads but want to be 100% sure there the right pads as there a fair amount cheaper than dealer prices any info or links would be a great help :)

thanks one happy rs4 driver


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Hi there surely Audi could give you the parts number over the phone or by popping in to a branch ?


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In my experience the parts dept aren't that keen in handing out part numbers for you to go and buy stuff else where. You don't say what year the car is. I suspect they are all the same.


4E0698151G seems to be the part number. But this part number seems to be the same for pads used on both ceramic and steel brake systems. Very confusing as you obviously can't mix these.


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If your after Brake pads try Euro Car Parts, I got mine there ( 56 plate,B7 RS4) ...granted I don't have the ceramic brakes but I still saved a packet. Audi wanted £294 for front pads and £89 for the rears, I paid £116 for the fronts and £25 for the rears and there were no issues as far as fitting was concerned...