Sportback Ceramic discs

Gaz gas

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Hi everyone. New to the forum and just bought my first Rs3. Looking at putting on front ceramic discs. Just wondering what's a reasonable price for a front pair of second hand ceramic discs? :blackrs4:


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anywhere in between 1500(for garbage bin discs) to 5000 for a (almost) new set of discs.. These retail at 4200 each.....
I believe there is a company in Germany(or Switzerland, not really sure) that can re-surface the CCM discs, which will be far cheaper then buying new discs..
Be aware you officially also need the ceramic calipers(different dust seals due to the higher braking temp with CCM discs) and ceramic brake pads


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I would not pay more than 2500 GBP for a set of used front discs. Their is a lad called Tom Pirone selling a set in the "AUDI RS3/TTRS/S3/MK7/R THE DISTRIkT" group on facebook for an okay price.