Central locking & windows


On the facelift path...
Quick question. I have a 5 dr Audi 1.8.

A while ago my battery died (due to the misses opening the central light to find her phone)

When we tried to drive, obviously the battery was flat so we got it revived and away we go.

Ever since then, I find that when I do central locking button inside the car, others can open the door. How can this be sorted?

Also the windows, there is normally a switch that allows the rear passangers to open/close their windows.

Now the passengers cannot open the rear windows and I have to open via the master swtich. There is usually a button that stays down, but no its up.

How can both of these be sorted out? Please help me.


Defo worth the wait :)
Mate, you might need to get it reprogrammed with Vagcom if you have it or know someone that has it.

I lost my comfort settings a while ago and had to get it done with VAGCOM if that helps at all mate.


On the facelift path...
Dammit I was hoping I wouldnt need to do that.

I will put a feeler and see who might have one around London.

Thanks for helping again