Central locking problem....HELP!

David Harrison

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Hi everyone,

Really need help here urgently, about 3 months ago my central locking stopped working on my drivers door so i had to lock the door manually then eventually my electric window stopped working on the drivers door then lost complete power to my drivers door, shortly afterwards my central locking stopped working on my passenger side door but my electric window always worked, my tailgate and petrol flap has never stopped working by pressing the central locking button on the key fob (in between all this I miss placed one key fob so started using my spare key fob) so today I got both passenger and drivers side door wiring looms replaced all the power is now working on the drivers door but unfortunately the central locking on both doors are still not working!? Why is this? Does the key fobs need re - programing? Sorry for the long message any help is much appreciated! Thanks dave


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I'd be tempted to post on the main 8V A3 forum; it gets more traffic! Sorry I can't help :(