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Central locking key coding help

hardhitter Sep 16, 2018

  1. hardhitter

    hardhitter Member


    I've just replaced the central locking control unit on my brothers A4 1.8 TQS. It's been replaced with the same part number (the one ending in E) but I can't code the keys to the replacement module. I've got VCDS and using the method of going into central locking adaptation as per this video:

    I can press read, save and it prompts you by saying are you sure, click yes, but nothing happens after that and the drop down menu doesn't appear so I can't go and code the keys. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be ?

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  3. russell.hammond

    russell.hammond New Member

    Is the vcds registered? You can’t save changes with an unregistered version.

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  4. Lowfield

    Lowfield Member

    You got two keys for the car? Sure it can be done with one key in ignition then a set sequence with other key in drivers door. Have a google mate.
  5. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    yeh i just did the two-keys method. Use VCDS to erase the old keys, then code the new ones with the two keys method:

    Ignition on

    Lock the car from outside using the new, unmatched key in the driver-side door lock. You may need to hold the key in the unlock position while you do the next step.

    Press the UNLOCK button on the new key within 5 seconds often enough to reach the correct memory position. First key one press, second key two press etc etc.
  6. hardhitter

    hardhitter Member

    Thanks for the replies. VCDS is proper copy and I've two key remotes.

    Can you clarify the last part of the coding sequence Aragorn ? It looks different to other methods I've seen online.

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