central locking issue urgent help needed please

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Hi all im fairly new to this forum i have a audi a3 8p 2005 s line been having issues with central locking for a while.

So problem from day one passenger side door would completely not open when unlock button is pressed from inside or outside i replaced the door lock and he window regulator motor still no luck. but when i unhinge the outside door handle shaft it opens from the inside. When i attach it wont open from inside or outside so i leave it unhinged. I can hear the solenoids clickin as if its opened but no joy.Now today another issue has arrised the unlock button on the fob has completely stopped working i now have to lock it via the key. But lock and boot open still works. Also the window button the passenger side door has stopped working and illumating. Im at whits end here and totally fustrated been trying to get the door to work for over a month and now it seems its getting worse.

Any info would be highly appreciated and ill make it worth any ones time willing too help.


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i had the same problem yesterday (locks but wont unlock)
Remove the battery from your key fob, wait a few mins and put it back in then it should work, possibly change the battety too but ut should work after you remove it and put it back in