Central electric control module location and retrofit help


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Hello all
i'm a new member and first post (as I have done much reading through all the great posts!)

My car is the 2016 B9 A4 Saloon and I've decided to retrofit hill hold and front seated heats however I have become stuck ... I cannot find the central electric module. I took apart everything around the driver footwell but could not locate it. any suggestions please??

Also, I have OBD11 and have tried the app and long coding (from a source on this site) to try and activate lane assist (without the stalk installed) but it keeps faulting and turning off my pre-sense basic. any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? I assume I have the hardware as the car has pre sense basic and high beam assist.

many thanks again!


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For the lane assist, it appears on the 2016 A4 you have to undo just this step.

"09 - Heading Control Config>heading_control Byte 35>Bit 0"

Worked for my friends.