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Center dash speaker

MartinHudson6 Sep 11, 2018

  1. MartinHudson6

    MartinHudson6 Registered User

    ive noticed more and more rattles around my c7 over past couple of weeks. Ive already stripped both passenger doors and nipped up all screws and seems to have cured them. Now yesterday i was listening to some music with very little bass and the distortion and rattle from i think was center dash speaker was driving me insane. Does the cover come up seperately? Im really hoping its not apart of dash.

    Thanks for any help
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  3. lukus89

    lukus89 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Had same issue, replaced it with something from America but afraid I can’t remembwr what.
    However, if you google it you’ll find a thread talking about some Bosch speakers that fit... think that’s it.
    If ya can’t be *****, just unplug it, doesn’t really make a difference anyway just gets rid of a crackly as hell soeaker.
    I have the bose system FYI.
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  4. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    The centre grill just pops out. Use the edge of a credit card it you don’t have any trim removal tools.

    It’s quite a common issue in the C7 and C7.5 models.

    If I remember correctly, some people use some stick on Velcro (the loop side) to cushion the gril when refitting.
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  5. MartinHudson6

    MartinHudson6 Registered User

    Thanks for replies. If im honest ive found so many rattles around the car im surprised i havnt gone insane yet. Will look to remove and see if can get a replacement sourced!
  6. Baka

    Baka Registered User

    As mentioned quite often it's just the grill being loose, rather than a blown speaker. I'd try wedging something under the grill to tighten it up before ordering anything.

    This is the speaker our American friends have been replacing the stock one with: http://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/speakers/kfc-1065s/
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