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Celtic tuning map? For 2.0t quattro a3.

bootneck_max May 7, 2012

  1. bootneck_max

    bootneck_max Registered User

    Hey everyone, anyone had any experiences with the map by celtic tuning for the 2.0t fsi? There promising 265bhp! Which seems like a big gain on a standard engine. Considering most of the other companies power figures are around 240-250bhp.

    I had my a3 2.0tdi 140 mapped by then a few years back! And that seemed fine! And very fast! Even if my intercooler pipe poped off!

    Any help? Or steer me in the right direction for a decent map?

    The maps temporary, whilst I buy my exhaust system, induction kit and coilovers ect...
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  3. akash_sky1

    akash_sky1 Registered User

    Celtic Tuning are rubbish. They have wild (unattainable) claims about their maps' power gains. 265 is not possible at all from a stage, more like 235-240 at the flywheel. They also seem pretty clueless about tuning when I e-mailed them with questions about fitting in intake onto my car and getting a new map. They said the map will adapt and no new software was needed. totall bollo*x.
    There was a huge hole in the torque and boost below 3000 RPMs once I fitted my intake ( as you would expect without new mapping).

    Their projected power and torque curves on the website are just made up and not even from a real rolling road! I would avoid even for a stage 1. Go with a tuner who knows what their doing.
  4. bootneck_max

    bootneck_max Registered User

    Yea that's what I was thinking mate! It all just seemed to much! I know you can expect large gains from a map, but the figures they were promising seem ridiculous!

    Cheers for the reply!

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    Superchips/Bluefin are doing 20% off at the moment, so £365 for a remap including handheld unit so you can switch back to stock map for dealer visits etc.
    Mine is a 2.0T too and the difference it has made is very significant.
    For the price, ease of install (they send you the unit by courier and you install the remap yourself in 15mins), and the results I'd recommend them.
  6. bootneck_max

    bootneck_max Registered User

    Oh really? Sounds like a Reasonable price aswell! I'll have to check it out!

    Cheers ads
  7. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    Not sure where you are but give member Rhyso a shout, he runs Kinetic Tuning - Home and knows he stuff when it comes to mapping VAG cars. Mine was mapped by him and it is smooth as you like and just like the OEM map but stronger at around 235bhp.

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